Total Hypophysectomy could be Cost-Effective and Associated with a Better Prognosis in the Management of Acromegaly in Low Resourced Settings: Observation of a Case Series

Acromegaly is associated with enhanced cardiovascular mortality. This implies that its treatment must be complete and effective. The consensus for the management of acromegaly has a well-codified protocol. The normalization of IGF-1 and a low GH value are essential for healing. The management of acromegaly is cumbersome. Many African countries do not have the proper technical platform to manage this condition. Radiotherapy centres are non-existent in some regions and somatostatin analogues, when available, are inaccessible because of their high cost. Thus, the prognosis of acromegaly seems reserved in underprivileged areas. In this series of 6 patients followed for acromegaly, total hypophysectomy appeared to bring a better prognosis compared to standard treatment. This would suggest that in the absence of an optimal technical platform, total hypophysectomy should be considered in the treatment of acromegaly in less developed countries.


Martine Claude Etoa Etoga, Anne Boli Ongmeb , Figuim Bello, Mesmin Dehayem, Jean Claude Mbany, Vincent de Paul Djientcheu and Eugène Sobngwi

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