The Problem of Neglicenting a Chronic Disease - Obesity and Covid-19, What is the Relationship?

A growing body of evidence maintains that obesity may be strongly related to
greater adverse outcomes from infection with the new SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). It
is known that obesity is a low-grade chronic inflammatory condition, which leaves
its sufferers susceptible to numerous diseases, including cardiovascular diseases,
which are particularly related to inflammation and hypercoagulability, mainly. In
this literature review work, emerging knowledge about the pathophysiology and
pathological mechanisms of COVID-19 was combined with the pathophysiology of
obesity, and some hypotheses about the deleterious effects and impact of Obesity
in the course of COVID-19 will be evidenced. These hypotheses are testable and
can guide future therapeutic and preventive interventions.


Thiago Magalhães Cabral

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