Global Situation and Trend of COVID-19

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has led to thousands of infections and deaths along with severe socioeconomic impacts globally. The article is aimed to critically examine and analyze the current scenario worldwide and contrast the measures taken by different countries to mitigate the effects of the pandemic. While a number of countries are struggling against the Covid-19, the centre of this outbreak, China is recovering from its disastrous aftermath. In contrast, the virus has overtaken Italy and the United States leading them to the crises they never imagined. Various measures, to varying robust degrees, have been taken worldwide to prevent the widespread outbreak of the pandemic, from national quarantines to travel restrictions. The shortage of testing kits and medical equipment has become a matter of worry for most countries. Collaborative efforts to stand strong against the Covid-19 and developing vaccines or medications for its treatment are crucial to curtail further effects.


Tribhuwan Bhatta, Prayag Man Mane, Navin Bhatt and Kumari Bandana Bhatt

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