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Editorial Note and Statement of Intent: Journal of Health & Medical Economics

Chialin Chang1 and Michael McAleer2,3,*

1Department of Applied Economics, Department of Finance, National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan

2Department of Quantitative Finance, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan

3Econometric Institute Erasmus, School of Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands

*Corresponding Author:
Dr. Michael McAleer
Department of Quantitative Finance
National Tsing Hua University
Hsinchu, Taiwan
E-mail: [email protected]

Received Date: August, 27 2015; Accepted Date: September, 10 2015; Published Date: September 26, 2015

Citation: Chang C, McAleer M. Editorial Note and Statement of Intent: Journal of Health & Medical Economics. J Health MedEcon. 2015, 1:1.

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The Journal of Health and Medical Economics (JHME) is a new Open Access journal that was established in 2015.

The intention of JHME is to publish theoretical and applied papers, including case studies, on a wide range of topics in both health economics and medical economics. JHME is an international journal with the goal of advancing the knowledge and understanding of the practice of health and medical economics through the publication of high quality papers that are relevant for academics, researchers and practitioners alike. Papers that use rigorous mathematical and statistical methods in the empirical testing of theory and models in health and medical economics are strongly encouraged.

JHME highlights theoretical and practical research by publishing rigorous papers that have direct relevance to academics and practitioners in health and medical economics. The discipline of health and medical economics is appealing to academic researchers and practitioners alike because of the direct applicability of many new and existing theories, as well as the availability and accessibility of large health and medical data sets, including panel, cross section and times series data, which leads to the immediate applicability of much of the research that is undertaken. JHME intends to contribute to high quality theoretical and practical research in health and medical economics in terms of the coverage of topics, the use and critical analysis of health and medical data, especially health and medical panel, cross section and time series data, by publishing rigorous and technical papers on a wide range of theoretical and practical topics.

Topics of Coverage

The journal offers an outlet for rigorous technical, theoretical and applied research in health and medical economics, and welcomes submissions from theoreticians and practitioners that includes, but is not restricted to, the following

Alternative drug therapies, Analysis of clinical trial data, Behavioral economics, Behavioral psychology, Burden of disease, Case studies, Chronic health and medical conditions, Clinical epidemiology, Clinical trials, outcomes and effectiveness, Comparative efficacy and safety analysis, Complex health and medical systems, Coordinated health and medical care, Costs of prescriptions, Decision making, Diagnostic methods and testing, Disease and injury control, Disease and injury management, Disease and injury prevention, Drugs, Epidemiology, Financial reporting, Health and medical administration, Health and medical benefits, Health and medical care evaluation, Health and medical computation, Health and medical crises, Health and medical cross section data, Health and medical data mining, Health and medical econometrics, Health and medical economics, Health and medical experiments,

Health and medical informatics, Health and medical insurance, Health and medical management, Health and medical mathematics, Health and medical models, Health and medical policies, Health and medical sciences, Health and medical services, Health and medical statistics, Health and medical strategies, Health and medical treatment, Health insurance, High frequency health and medical time series data, Hospital management and networks, Hospital, medical and surgical debt, Hospital, medical and surgical expenses, Hospital regulations, Integrated health and medical care, Latest medical technology, Medical debt, Medical expenditure planning, Medicine, Modelling health and medical returns, Modelling health and medical volatility, Modelling large health and medical portfolios, Modern and traditional medicine, Monitoring and regulating health and medical markets, National health and medical packages, Patient management, Pharmaceutical products, Pharmacoeconomics, Pharmacoepidemiology, Pharmacovigilance, Pharmacy, Prediction of medical costs, Prescription costs, Private health and medical panel data, Private health and policy, Public health and policy, Public health campaigns, Self-care health and medical efforts, Specific risk factors, Therapeutic and biological effects of drugs, Ultra high frequency health and medical time series data, Univariate and multivariate models of health and medical data, Universal health insurance, Vaccination, Valuation methods, Worker safety.

JHME seeks academically rigorous papers that will appeal to theoreticians and will also have direct relevance to practitioners in health and medical economics.


JHME welcomes the submission of manuscripts on health and medical economics for possible publication.

Papers should be based on sound theory and practice in health and medical economics.

Technically sound and well-supported papers based on econometric and statistical methods in the formulation, analysis, estimation, testing, evaluation, simulation and forecasting of specific applications in health and medical economics are strongly encouraged. Papers that use rigorous quantitative and technical methodology, especially with techniques that hold promise for application in health and medical economics, are of especial interest.

Case studies that will enable portability of the findings to other studies are also welcome.


It is a challenge, an honour and a pleasure to have been appointed the Foundation Editor-in-Chief and Foundation Co-Editor-in-Chief, respectively, of the Journal of Health and Medical Economics (JHME).

We look forward to working with the active and vibrant members of the Editorial Board, contributors and reviewers to make JHME an accessible and leading outlet for high quality academic and practical research in all areas of health and medical economics.

For financial and research support, the Editor-in-Chief is grateful to the National Science Council of Taiwan, and the Co-Editor-in-Chief is most thankful to the Australian Research Council and the National Science Council of Taiwan.

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